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The Originals Skincare Discovery Set - Mini

We've made it easy to try our original skincare products and the sizes are perfect for travel. This mini discovery set includes:

Rebirth Body Butter: Botanical anti-inflammatory formula moisturizes, softens, minimizes bumps and repairs skin. Suitable for sensitive, normal, dry, keratosis pilaris-prone and eczema-prone skin.

5ml (~2 full body applications on wet skin)

Bio Face Serum: 100% natural, non-comedogenic face serum that works to restore skin barrier, reduce the appearance of fine lines, protect against free radicals and promote skin cell renewal for younger, healthier looking skin.
1ml (~1.5 weeks once daily on face)

Rescue Balm - Original: Salve, ointment, unguent, raw lotion - whatever you call it, this balm is packed with 18 reparative botanicals to soothe damaged and inflamed skin and protect it while it heals.
3ml (~3 weeks once daily on face)


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Rebirth Body Butter and Bio Face Serum have both been awarded scores of 1 by EWG Skin Deep, which is the BEST score and indicates that a product's ingredients have the lowest hazard potential.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A Pleasant Surprise

I think I have finally found a line of products that is not only healthy, but is actually effective in keeping my skin moisturized and calm. For reference: I have oily-dry combo skin, extremely acne prone, a slight bit of sun damage, and acne scarring from teenage years. I also use a homemade oil face cleanser with 50/50 EV olive oil & organic coconut oil. Anyway, I have tried a lot of products, most of which had bad fillers and other ingredients that are not good in large quantities. These three BITR products check all the positive boxes. I have been using them faithfully for several weeks, and I can honestly say I have never seen my skin more clear, clean, and it has never felt softer. I have had about a 95% reduction in breakouts (not 100% but it is amazingly close); these breakouts are also very short lived and tiny (yay). I can see a visible reduction in pore size and some forehead lines smoothed out. I love that my skin is finally healing the dark spots and sun damage. The smell of the CBD rescue balm product is strange, so I only use it on my hands (I tried it on my face and couldn't stand the smell). The bio face serum and the body butter smells are a neutral botanical smell though, so I use those two for my face. If you are on the fence & are tired of failed products, I would strongly recommend trying this discovery set for a start. I was initially taken aback by how tiny the samples were. But these samples have already lastest me almost 3 weeks - I imagine the full size products really do last forever. The first pic was the first day trying the product (normally had ance breakout every week). The pic is yesterday after almost 3 weeks (no breakout this week). Thank you for creating a quality product! I will buy it again.

At last!

My skin has been needing moisture! No matter what I used, it wasn’t working. These products really work! I think my skin really needed ingredients that were close to nature...and these really are that. The balms and serums are working wonderfully and I am so pleased.

Great for traveling

I saved my discovery samples for traveling and they lasted over a week. They are great for not taking up too much room as you pack for TSA review.


Absolutely love your products!! Thank u so much. Keep up the awesome work!!

Perfect taste of heaven on my trip!

I just took a trip to Greece and enjoyed every drop of the Originals Skincare Discovery set! Beautiful raw ingredients and love the earthy natural scents. Left my skin and soul feeling nourished. Thank you!

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