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The Originals Skincare Discovery Set

We've made it easy to try our original skincare products and the sizes are perfect for travel. This mini discovery set includes:

Rebirth Body Butter: Botanical anti-inflammatory formula moisturizes, softens, minimizes bumps and repairs skin. Suitable for sensitive, normal, dry, keratosis pilaris-prone and eczema-prone skin.

5ml (~2 full body applications on wet skin)

Bio Face Serum: 100% natural, non-comedogenic face serum that works to restore skin barrier, reduce the appearance of fine lines, protect against free radicals and promote skin cell renewal for younger, healthier looking skin.
1ml (~1.5 weeks once daily on face)

Rescue Balm - Original: Salve, ointment, unguent, raw lotion - whatever you call it, this balm is packed with 18 reparative botanicals to soothe damaged and inflamed skin and protect it while it heals.
3ml (~3 weeks once daily on face)


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Rebirth Body Butter and Bio Face Serum have both been awarded scores of 1 by EWG Skin Deep, which is the BEST score and indicates that a product's ingredients have the lowest hazard potential.



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