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Welcome friend, I'm glad you're here! I'm RachelPowell - scientist, outdoor enthusiast and founder of BEAUTY IN THE Raw. I've struggled with sensitive & reactive skin since birth and understand how frustrating and demoralizing it can be. I'd love to tell you about my journey and why a different approach to skincare may be the solution you've been searching for.

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Solutions for Sensitive Skin

I could never find products that made my skin happy, so I started formulating them myself. Over a decade of research and testing has gone into creating a skin care line thattargets the 2 underlying processes of almost all skin conditions: inflammation and skinbarrier dysfunction.

By targeting these 2 processes we can effectively address our skin concerns and feel comfortable in our skin.

If you’d like to trial our products we have Mini Discovery Sets available for only $15 with free shipping.

Not sure which products would be best for you?

Here are a few general recommendations by skin concern:

Eczema: Rescue Balm (CBD-infused or Original) for active flares; Rebirth Body Butter for daily maintenance

Rosacea: Rehab CBD Serum followed by CBD-infused Rescue Balm

Psoriasis: Rescue Balm

Acne: Bio Face Serum and/or Rehab CBD Serum

Dry Skin: Rebirth Body Butter or Rescue Balm (CBD-infused or Original)

Dermatitis: Rescue Balm (CBD-infused or Original) or Rebirth Body Butter

Skin Brightening/Collagen Stimulation: Rehab CBD Serum

Antioxidant Protection: Rehab CBD Serum, Bio Face Serum or Rescue Balm (CBD-infused or Original)

Unsure which products would be best? Use the Contact Form or send an e-mail to describing your skin and the issues you would like to address. I'm happy to send you some recommendations.

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