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What a relief!

My hands have been drying out like leather from all of the alcohol hand sanitizer I’ve applied this year but BeautyitRaw sanitizer with the special alcohol Rachel uses in it, gives my poor hands a break. And more than one person has commented on how nice I smell when I use it!

Great Product

I used the Rescue Balm with the Rebirth Body Butter after head/neck radiation therapy. It was very soothing and worked right away. It only took a short time to heal. Very impressed.

Love this!

This is such a beautiful serum for problematic skin. It really helped to lower the inflammation on my skin and heal my hormonal acne quickly. It's very hydrating too, but not heavy. I love this serum and will be recommending it to others!

Love the serum! It's like a magic potion for your face :)

Best Balm

This balm has so many healthy and helpful ingredients, and it shows after only a few uses. I've used this on my face and it's been super helpful for my dry skin, with no transition issues. I love how this can be used for so many different purposes.


I use this religiously morning and evening. A few drops rubbed into my clean, damp skin really helps my face's texture (minimizing lines and wrinkles). It also gives my face a nice healthy glow. I am in love with all her products!

Love this serum!

I love all Beauty in the Raw products and use them all regularly. The Bio Face Serum is the one I use the most. My skin is very sensitive and reactive. I have rosacea and acne. Those who have the dreaded duo know some products for one condition irritate the other. The Bio Face Serum keeps all my skin issues from flaring up. Added bonus it also has diminished the fine lines around my eyes. My skin has never looked better and it Is such a fast easy skin regimen. I mix 4 to 6 drops with a little water in my hands and apply it all over my face and neck. It absorbs so well. Works great under makeup when I bother to wear it. Thanks to Rachel for the first time in 30 years I feel good enough about how my skin looks to not wear makeup the majority of the time. I have also started using a few drops on some scars I have on my arm from a previous skin cancer treatment and they're becoming smoother and less raised. So happy with these amazing products!

This is THE stuff

For my extremely sensitive hEDS skin this product is the only one that works the miracles I need :-). I get chronic dry patches of skin--this helps hydrate, I have scar tissue that acts up--this soothes it, I have internal scars that ache and cramp--no better massage oil have I found.

Love the products and your efforts to get them here. Thank you

Perfect body butter!

Rebirth body butter has a light texture but is concentrated and works very well for dry skin. I use it on my hands every night. Love the scent too!

Keep Finding Uses For This Balm!

I have been using this for almost everything but my newest obsession is as a lightweight daytime moisturizer. It’s amazing! I mix a tiny bit with water in my hand and I swear it’s the best moisturizer I have ever used. Lightweight and non greasy (especially for my humid climate). But packs a moisturizing and correction punch. Love it!

It helps!

I have patches of Rosacea on my face. Beauty In The Raw CBD products got my Dermatologists full approval after she reviewed the ingredients A bonus is that the serum reduces the puffiness under my eyes!

So soothing!

Finally, no more scratching from dry skin! As an eczema sufferer, I have trouble finding a good cream for body use. Either the cream is not moisturizing enough or it is too greasy. But this butter is the best of both world! Lightweight but deeply moisturizes, love it!

Smaller Smoother

It's working: my pores look smaller and my skin feels smoother; however, when I apply the moisturizer over the oil, my face turns red in color but goes away after a few hours.

Soft and Smooth

I hadn’t used body butter for a while, so I had forgotten how soft it makes my skin. I put it on my skin after a shower and it keeps it hydrated all day. It’s soft to the touch. Sometimes I dampen my hands and put on the body butter before I go to bed. When I wake up my hands are soft. I can’t stop touching them!

Love this product so much I gifted it

I use all of the products that are included in the Discovery Kit. I wanted to share this great find so I sent one to my friend as a gift!!

Stocking stuffers

These little discovery sets make great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends. A nice way to help family and friends find out about the wonderful discovery you made.

Always Quality

This is my second time ordering from Beauty in the Raw and I got some awesome gifts for family this year. It's transformed my skin and so I trust it with others!

Bio Face Serum

Loving this serum & seems great for my skin type. Thanks Rachel for the sample of it in my previous order & then I ordered full size during your sale! Anxious to try your other products soon

All my favorite ingredients

I adore everything about the CBD Infused Rescue Balm! It has pretty much every oil and extract I've been using in separate other products, all together. The texture is amazing and I only need a small amount. I have chronic pain issues from fibromyalgia, spasticity, arthritis, dyspraxia, etc. And I've been look for a CBD balm that also has seabuckthorn and tamanu and helichrysum. This is such a gift. I rub it into my knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles jaw... plus, all those precious oils keep my skin smooth and elastic and will probably keep me youthful well into my forties. My face has been looking red and dry lately, and it's extraordinary how quickly the balm soothed and brightened me up.
I plan on buying this balm every time I run out.
I'm really happy I found it during a web search specifically for CBD balm with sea buckthorn and tamanu.

Best healing balm!

I use this on my hands and feet at night. It has the best ingredients of all my other balms. A great treasure to have during the winter months.


I love this serum! It has helped calm my rosacea and acne so much!

In love with this stuff!!

I don’t use any other treatment for my skin care than this!!! Loyal customer here!!


Really loving how this makes my skin feel! I also have a pre-cancerous spot on my nose that is noticably improving and disappearing. So thankful for a simple, effective product !!! thank you!


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