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Soft and Smooth

I hadn’t used body butter for a while, so I had forgotten how soft it makes my skin. I put it on my skin after a shower and it keeps it hydrated all day. It’s soft to the touch. Sometimes I dampen my hands and put on the body butter before I go to bed. When I wake up my hands are soft. I can’t stop touching them!

Love this product so much I gifted it

I use all of the products that are included in the Discovery Kit. I wanted to share this great find so I sent one to my friend as a gift!!

Stocking stuffers

These little discovery sets make great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends. A nice way to help family and friends find out about the wonderful discovery you made.

Always Quality

This is my second time ordering from Beauty in the Raw and I got some awesome gifts for family this year. It's transformed my skin and so I trust it with others!

Bio Face Serum

Loving this serum & seems great for my skin type. Thanks Rachel for the sample of it in my previous order & then I ordered full size during your sale! Anxious to try your other products soon

All my favorite ingredients

I adore everything about the CBD Infused Rescue Balm! It has pretty much every oil and extract I've been using in separate other products, all together. The texture is amazing and I only need a small amount. I have chronic pain issues from fibromyalgia, spasticity, arthritis, dyspraxia, etc. And I've been look for a CBD balm that also has seabuckthorn and tamanu and helichrysum. This is such a gift. I rub it into my knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles jaw... plus, all those precious oils keep my skin smooth and elastic and will probably keep me youthful well into my forties. My face has been looking red and dry lately, and it's extraordinary how quickly the balm soothed and brightened me up.
I plan on buying this balm every time I run out.
I'm really happy I found it during a web search specifically for CBD balm with sea buckthorn and tamanu.

Best healing balm!

I use this on my hands and feet at night. It has the best ingredients of all my other balms. A great treasure to have during the winter months.


I love this serum! It has helped calm my rosacea and acne so much!

In love with this stuff!!

I don’t use any other treatment for my skin care than this!!! Loyal customer here!!


Really loving how this makes my skin feel! I also have a pre-cancerous spot on my nose that is noticably improving and disappearing. So thankful for a simple, effective product !!! thank you!

I love this stuff!

Makes my skin so smooth and soft and smells amazing! Never fails to work. I’m very sensitive and this is great for my reactive skin!

The Best

This oil is absolutely wonderful for dry skin! I own countless number of facial oils and none can compare to the effectiveness of this product. I mix a few drops into my favorite night cream and wakes up with a plump, hydrated face. I also love that it is fast absorbing and non-greasy.


I was looking for a product to help with discoloration on my face. This serum has made my skin clear! I absolutely love it!

So good!!

This is my first choice in hand creams. All natural and super rich. And the aroma! So good!

Rescue Balm really is that.

This is an amazing product. I came for the skin care but am staying for the pain relief. It instantly soothes my dry lips and my itchy allergy ears but it also gives very fast relief to any achy bit. When my knee is grumpy or the pinched nerve in my neck. I bought it right away for my mom from whom I inherited the itchy ears and feel it will help her too.

CBD Serum

I’ve only used for a week or so but love this serum. Skin looks smoother, brighter, more alive. Wrinkles seem less noticeable too. Thanks Rachel!

Wonderful Products!

I recently got the mini discovery set and was blown away by its effectiveness. Being a long time eczema and dry skin sufferer, it is hard to find a product that would soothe those super dry, chapped skins. I am beyond ecstatic to discover a life changing product.

Ordered a few samples and loved these products. Will be ordering the face balm very shortly!

Excellent results with Rebirth Body Butter

I have DSAP and the rash associated with it has been horrible. I've been using the body butter for a bit over 4 weeks and the results are impressive. There is no cure for DSAP but this product has diminished the redness and itching significantly! Nothing I've tried in the past has been this successful! The product goes a long way if used as directed. (wet skin).

I love my new glow!

This product has my skin glowing, I love it!

Best smelling hand sanitizer ever!

I took this hand sanitizer with me while on a quick roadtrip.(of course I was safe!) And it was so efficient as a spray bottle.

Sprayed it everywhere and it smells so nice. like orange shavings!!

And the best doesnt even dry out the hands after prologue use!

Highly recommened it for anyone who is tired of their hands drying out like crazy. And if your hands do dry out, the rescue balm is a really great moisturizer!!( I know because I tried this one too and it's so soothing.lols)

My skin is finally feeling fresh again!

I've been looking for a skin care routine that is both CLEAN, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. I've finally found it with Beauty In The Raw. My skin has been dry, flaky and dull lately and the bio serum and rescue balm have brought life back to my skin. About to purchase for my husband as well who has dry skin! Love that I can support a local, small business that clearly puts a lot of love and passion into their product.

Mini set

I bought for my daughter she didn't try it yet

Rescue balm - One week observation

I have the misfortune of a skin condition called DSAP. There is no known cure for this disorder. It typically displays on legs from the knees down and on forearms in the form of round, red spots. The intensity (redness, size, area covered) varies and this year (2020) has been the worst I've ever experienced. Nearly 100% coverage below the knee and similar on forearms.

After 1 week of use as recommended (morning and evening) there is a significant improvement in size and intensity of redness on legs and arms. I'm excited to see this and will continue to use and monitor over the coming weeks!


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