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Our clean plant-based skincare is founded on a decade of research and testing to target the 2 processes that mediate most skin conditions: inflammation and skin barrier dysfunction. Calming inflammation and supporting skin barrier repair can provide relief from dry/dehydrated skin, dermatitis (atopic/eczema, perioral and contact), rosacea, acne, keratosis pilaris and many other skin conditions.

Dropper full of Bio Face Serum with 3 drops showing texture and color text highlighting importance of inflammation and skin barrier dysfunction in most skin conditions by BEAUTY IN THE Raw
Beauty in the RAW products Bio Face Serum and Rebirth Body Butter with rose

Formulated for sensitive skin

effective for everyone

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What our customers are saying...

This product (Rebirth Body Butter) leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. You only need a small amount. It works best when your skin is damp and it absorbs quickly. Luxurious. Would highly recommend.


With this product (Rebirth Body Butter), a little goes a long way. You can use it sparingly. It softens my skin and seems to add a protective layer to keep moisture in. I like to keep a jar on my nightstand and apply it to my hands and elbows before I go to bed. It keeps them soft and smooth. It helps my hands to look a little bit younger.


Serum – part of my nightly ritual! Three or four drops smoothed onto my clean, slightly damp face helps to minimize those wrinkles under my eyes.


The body butter is a luxurious cream which adds moisture and softness to my whole body.


bio face serum showing green serum color for sensitive aging and acneic skin made with minimally processed cold-processed hemp seed oil antioxidant by beauty in the raw

Minimally processed

for nutrient retention

Raw Ingredients
Rebirth Body Butter by Beauty in the RAW with rose


Concentrated formulas require a lot less packaging

We skip the cardboard outerbox

We use recyclable, recycled and upcycled items to ship

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